Israel vows to continue gaza assault on Gaza

Israel vows to continue gaza assault on Gaza

3:35 PM

Palestinian sources in Gaza say that IDF bulldozers demolished two houses in Rafah city, west of Gaza City. “Houses were completely destroyed, there was no damage to the buildings.” The two demolished houses belong to members of Hamas in Gaza.

3:32 PM

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has condemned the Gaza attack as an attack on Palestinians. The ministry said in a statement: “It is the responsibility of international media to explain and explain clearly to the international community all Israeli actions and policies aimed at terrorizing and killing of the Palestinian people are completely contrary to international law, including international humanitarian law and international humanitarian law of war principles.”

3:01 PM

The Palestinian Health Ministry says its hospitals were hit in the attack on the Gaza border town of Shujaiya. “We are waiting for the rescue teams and hope for relief for the injured,” said the ministry.

2:57 PM

The IDF says its troops are treating hundreds of Gazan wounded at five hospitals in the에스엠 카지노 Gaza Strip.

2:41 PM

President Shimon Peres has been urging world leaders in a brief speech to “support this effort by everyone in the wor온라인 카지노 사이트ld to try to prevent a third intifada, to prevent a further escalation of violence in the region.”

“At this hour, everyone in the world, we urge you to condemn these attacks,” he said.

“There must be no repetition of what happened in the past or any further use of Palestinian terrorist groups.”

Peres added that his country was in “conclusion of its humanitarian mission in Gaza.”

Israel says it is following a series of calls and “talks” with world leaders to ensure its security.

2:20 PM

The Palestinian Health Ministry reports that t안산안마he hospital it heads in Gaza is still operating.

2:17 PM

It’s official. Gaza’s health ministry reports its three hospitals have been closed down for the time being and that it has treated 1,300 patients and delivered 500 tons of medical supplies for more than 800 hospital patients.

1:55 PM

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports that the Gaza hospitals have reopened for business.

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) says it was trying to get information from the Israeli and international public on Israeli actions and policies in Gaza and that it will issue reports on the situation within three weeks, “as well as an ope